People of Copenhagen

Let me tell you about the people of Copenhagen. Now, I would like to disclaim that I am from Houston, Texas, so this is also coming from a southern perspective. However, I think that I have traveled enough to not be too bias in my view and some of my DIS peers have agreed with me on these points too.

Before coming to Denmark, you do what you would do any other new place that you’re traveling to, and that is…research everything about the country! I researched Denmark, and before I left to go, I even had to write a paper for my school, on the similarities and differences between it and the USA. One of the main facts and pieces of information you find about Denmark is that it is one of the happiest countries in the world! Of course, this means that everyone is happy-go-lucky and smiling all the time right? FALSE! Happiness and friendliness do not equate, but what I have learned is that you have to step out of your comfort zone and you will discover the many gems who are both!

One of the classes that I am privileged to be taking here at DIS is a photojournalism class. Our very first assignment was to go up to strangers and take pictures of them. That was a super intimidating task to be given for my first week of school and only the second week in a new country. Nevertheless, I put on what my professor calls a “brave cape” and went out on the streets of Copenhagen to find people. I got some rejections, weird looks, and some people even thought I was trying to sell something lol. However, I also got some great pictures, stories, and unforgettable conversations and moments! Copenhagen is quite reserved. Everyone minds their business and usually keeps to themselves. I have learned that cheesing hard on the streets as you walk by someone is more of a threat than it is an invitation! I have also learned to not let that image of the people here discourage you. Talk to the workers at your local bakery or Netto! Ask for help getting somewhere instead of just being set on google maps. Everyone has a story, and I would love to share as many as I can while I am here. Therefore, I decided this is something that I want to do beyond just my class assignment, but throughout my semester here as well! Stay tuned for more updates on my series “People of Copenhagen.”

Published by gdarkoo

Hello! My name is Gabrielle Darko and I am a student at Spelman College, located in Atlanta, Georgia but I am originally from Houston, Texas. I'm a traveler, photographer, and writer. I would like for you to come with me as I embark on this journey!

2 thoughts on “People of Copenhagen

  1. Hi Gabrielle! We are the girls in the black and white photo. We really like the outcome of the photo and the blog post was super sweet! We’re wondering if you would like to send us the other photos you took of us, if you still have them. Hope you’re having a nice time in Copenhagen! 🙂

    Best regards!


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