DIScovering Denmark

Meeting after meeting, advising after advising, orientation after orientation…until the day has finally come! Copenhagen, Denmark is calling my name and I could not be happier. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Gabrielle Darko and I attend Spelman College, the number one Historically Black College in the United States, located in Atlanta, Georgia. I am an International Studies and Economics major, with a minor in Spanish. Being that I am an international studies major, I am required to spend a semester abroad. While in the process of choosing where to go, my advisor and I (almost simultaneously) had our eyes set on DIS Scandinavia. I started to read the different programs and courses available, and I could not take my eyes off the book. What takes people months of a process to figure out, took me an hour. It was even hard for me to only choose five courses! After I was accepted into the program, I met with a DIS representative and she told me that I was the only person from my school embarking on this journey in the Spring. I would be lying if I said I was not nervous and even a little hesitant about coming to Denmark after hearing that. However, I knew it would be another opportunity to stretch myself and grow in my independence and self-exploration. I began doing tons of research and networking with anyone who had already been through the DIS program or had lived in Denmark. I found a church that I would like to attend, learned how to “hygge,” saved some great restaurants, searched up local activities and more. The more I learned and heard about Copenhagen, the more I fell in love. I even became proud to say I was going solo to Denmark in my school’s pre-departure study abroad orientations. Next step…housing. I found out I was in a homestay and was quite shocked! Surprisingly, it did not take long for me to adore my new family as I wrote emails and had the opportunity to FaceTime with them. We quickly bonded, and I definitely knew I was placed in the correct space. Then I met my roommate and it was QUITE scary to find out how much alike we were. We texted everyday and I always felt like I was texting myself. We also FaceTimed and stayed on the phone for at LEAST three hours. Let’s just say, the housing department does an excellent job with placement! Those two connections alone put me much more at ease about the adventure that was about to begin. I started hanging out a lot with my family and friends and of course answered all the generic questions about Denmark and whether or not I was excited. Then, it finally hit me. The moment that I have been praying about is now here. The emails are starting to come in more frequently and the next steps are now present. As someone who has been blessed to travel internationally a lot, I am even more excited to add another country to my list. As a photographer, I am EXTREMELY ready to expand my photojournalism and have such new art, life and culture to capture. Lastly as a writer, I am elated to journal my interesting and thrilling journey as a Christian, African-American, female, living abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark and with a Danish family at that. I hope that DIS will grant me the opportunity to share those moments with the world also. Stay tuned for more…

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Hello! My name is Gabrielle Darko and I am a student at Spelman College, located in Atlanta, Georgia but I am originally from Houston, Texas. I'm a traveler, photographer, and writer. I would like for you to come with me as I embark on this journey!

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  1. I admire your sense of fearless adventure! I’m praying for you while you’re on this journey. Keep us posted on all of the “goings on” in Denmark. Post as many pics as you can, and have a safe semester!!!!

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